Treatment for breakouts and spots


Fullerene-C Performance Serum

Smooth and younger-looking skin


Super Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Immediate and long-lasting hydration


Hydra Vitamin B Complex Serum

Awaken skin’s natural glow


Hydra Vitamin B5 Serum

Restore moisture, naturally enhance skin barrier, and soothe irritation.


Brand story

Dermal Elixir is a brand designed for skintellectuals who believe in skin science and have passions for beauty.

Victoria Leung, the founder, is a professional aesthetician who has been in practice for years, and started her skincare development journey in 2011. Utilizing cutting-edge and test-proven actives, all products she made are high-performance and based on scientific results without nasty additives. Clinical formulations backed by science with high concentration ensure each ingredient work in synergy to achieve visible results on the skin.

We not only offer products that really “works”, but also insights behind the ingredient list. Our ultimate goal is to make the science of beauty more understandable to the masses. Each skin type and condition are addressed and cared for by our treatments and what we do is to provide a personalized regimen for you, because as we all know, there’s no single solution to fit all.